Review: BBBarfly the balisong bottle opener

By on February 8, 2014

What do you get when you cross a butterfly knife with a bottle opener? In this case you get a kick ass balisong. If your a balisong fan and happen to enjoy a drink that requires a bottle opener this would be your go to bar tool. Bbbarfly has created a balisong bottle opener that is fully customizable with your own design, As well as they have multiple templates that you can choose from. Another thing that is great about this opener is that it can be used as a butterfly trainer, Since it doesn’t have a sharp edge it is a great item to learn different tricks with. It is also legal everywhere so you don’t have to worry about any laws on a item like this. This balisong is larger than most regular ones that you will find on the market which can make a transition a little more difficult if your using it as a trainer, but that goes with pretty much any trainer you use. Once you have this in your hands you will realize the handles are made out of aluminum and they look and feel very durable. Overtime we didn’t experience any blade play with this balisong. You would have to inflict some serious damage to break this, and the only part that I would think might break would be the pivot points. Bbbarfly is located in Canada. The bottle opener is $25 plus shipping which is not bad considering your getting a completely customizable opener. Shipping was pretty fast it took about 1 week to get the design set up and printed and than I had it in about 4 days. Check out our friends over at


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