Review: Assault 20L Hydration Pack

By on January 23, 2014

I received a hydration bag from Source-Military a few weeks ago. The model I got was the assault 20L cargo pack. First I would like to say that the cool mesh back panel and shoulder straps are well padded. The assault comes with the WLPS hydration system the capacity is 3L or 100oz. The bag is very lightweight without any gear. The pack with the reservoir empty is around 3 pounds. The bag feels very durable and is made from a nylon material. The hydration system is great. It keeps the water cold for a long time. We have filled it up multiple times and have no issues with leaks. The option to be able to fill from the top of the reservoir is nice and makes for fast and easy refills. Other reservoirs have known to give the water a plastic taste, I have not experienced that with this bag. The one downside to this bag is the valve for the hydration system. It requires you to use your had to twist the nozzle to allow the flow of water. Now this may not be a big thing I have found that other nozzles such as ones you bite to allow flow are much easier and more hands free if you were using this bag for things like biking. Source-Military offers a valve called the Helix which can be easily upgraded and features the bite valve. This bag is great for hikers or bikers and although you can pack a good amount of stuff in this bag, I would not recommend this as a EDC (Every Day Carry) bag. I feel there are better options out there that feature more room, But as a hydration bag this is perfect and a must check out. Check it out over at

Source-Military also just introduced their new Double D Hydration Pack at ShotShow earlier this month. This pack features a hydration system as well as its designed to be a 3 day pack. This pack is a 45L and is available along with other great packs over at




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