Review: Angry Bear Arms Family Pack Sight Set

By on April 20, 2018

We recently got to work with the guys over at Angry Bear Arms. Angry Bear Arms are the makers of quality firearm accessories. They currently offer their “Family Pack Sight Set” for Glocks. Their custom sight packages for Glocks uses three different height sights to dial in the perfect shot for any shooting style.

Not all firearms are created equal and not all people share the same shooting style. This is why Angry Bear Arms came up with the idea of the Family Pack sight set.

The Family Pack consists of three different height front sights to adjust the elevation of the firearms point of impact. One fixed rear sight that can be drifted left or right in the firearms slide to adjust the left and right point of impact.

Angry Bear Arms Sight Pack

What we think the best part about Angry Bear Arm’s sights is that they provided three different heights for the front sight. That leaves you full customization over your firearm sights. Other sight sets limit you to one option for your firearms point of impact.

All of their sight sets include everything you need to get started. Three different height front sights, one rear sight, two colors of fiber optic rod, one front sight hex driver, 1 Allen wrench, and a rear sight pusher.

Angry Bear Arms Sight Pack Parts

The best part is that they included the rear sight pusher, that means NO GUNSMITH NEEDED!

Final Thoughts

The Angry Bear Sights are easy to install. The best part is the customization, or truly hone in on where your firearm is shooting. They included either Red or Green fiber optics which is a nice touch.

If you are looking to upgrade your standard sights, Angry Bear Arms is the way to go. They have a great quality product, and their customer service is excellent as well. They want to make sure that every person who receives their product is 100% satisfied. Should there be any issues, questions, or suggestions you can contact them, they are always ready to accommodate.

Their Family Pack Sight Set runs $99.95. Which is a reasonable price for the quality you are getting and is comparable with others on the market. They even offer FREE Shipping, which is always a plus.

For more information check out their website. Also, follow their social media profiles and stay up to date with any new releases they might have coming out.

Check outAngry Bear Arms and the Sight Pack here:

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