Prepping Your Home: 5 Essentials to Remember

By on July 24, 2018

In all walks of life preparation is the key to the efficient operation. This is very much the case when it comes to making sure your home is protected against any possible incursions or incidents. You probably have guns in the home for protection; that’s a great first move, but what else can you do to make sure your home is fully prepped and ready for the unexpected? We had a look and have come up with five essential tips that you need to remember, so read on!

Get Everyone Prepared

It’s not just you who will be needed to protect your property – and family – in the event of intruders attempting to get in; the other members of the family will also need to be prepared for the worst possible situation. If you have older children, teach them to shoot properly; they will not only learn a skill that could be the difference between life and death but will enjoy it and get to understand the responsibility that is needed when handling weapons. Make sure that those who need it have access to your guns, but only when they need to do so – it’s important they know that this is not a game.


You do not know what sort of disaster or incident will befall you and your family, so you need to prepare for all. Stock up on tinned food, and also on water; keep it in a basement or spare room that is not used, within the house rather than in a garage, and make sure you keep the water replenished regularly. Also keep a supply of powerful batteries ready, and flashlights plus candles in case of a power failure. Take a trip to your hardware store and see if any other essentials catch your eye.

Access to Weapons

You need to be able to get to your guns quickly when needed, but also to keep them secure and out of the reach of kids – or thieves – when they are not in use. We suggest having more than one location where there are guns available in the house. Perhaps you could have one larger safe for your shotguns or rifles, and look for the best small gun safe for handguns, which can be kept in a convenient place close to a window or door. Make sure also that the gun safe where you keep your ammo is fireproof and secure, as fire and ammunition simply do not mix!

Hidden Extras

When it comes to guns and ammo, and other weapons, it may be prudent to have some hidden in strategic places around the perimeter of your property. Many people put a gun or knife in a watertight container and bury it in a place where they can find it easily, but where others may not know it is there. Make sure that only the people who need to know – those who are going to take part in protecting the property – are aware of these hidden extras, or you could find yourself with more trouble than you bargained for. It’s also worth keeping a couple of flashlights in such strategic places, too, as they may come in very useful in certain circumstances.

Plan Your Defence

You need everyone involved to be well-drilled in where they need to be when the time comes. The key to successful defense of a property lies in not giving your game away, so you also need to make sure that everyone is in a position where they can get a clear shot, but not be seen by the intruder or enemy. A missed shot, remember, is a giveaway, so reckless shooting is certainly not part of the plan. Whether you shoot to injure or to kill should also be drilled into your team, and the need for a clean hit is paramount. Keep interior shutters on doors and windows, as they help keep you hidden.

It may be daunting to consider the above factors – and there are other areas that you could consider such as a stockpile of petrol for vehicles – but if you want to be confident that you and your family will be safe in the event they are attacked, the only way forward is to be prepared.

Always remember that you need to keep your guns and ammo safe, secure and away from the kids when not in use, but readily accessible and easy to get to when needed, and you are halfway there. Read through our tips again, and make sure you’re ready!

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