Pocket Sized Survival Kit

By on July 3, 2013


Here is a list of items that you could use to create a pocket sized survival kit using a altoids can as the container to keep everything in.

For this kit you will need most of these

Altoids tin
Leatherman/ other multool
Lock back knife
Lighter (Zippo works great)
Magnifying glass lens
Matches (wax coated ones work best)
First aid materials (Bandaids, alcohol wipes)
Razor blades
Tape (Medical- 3M transpore)
Bag (1 gallon zip lock style)


Once you get all your things together we can start building the kit. First Wrap the wire inside the altoids. Wire can be use to fix cars, hold parts in place, hold a splint together, hold cans over a fire, and so much more.

Next take the tape and put it in the tin tape can be used to hold things together, and to wrap wounds it also can be used to waterproof stuff.


Add the string and needle String and a needle can be used to sew clothing, and also if you injure yourself you can use it to stitch yourself up.

Razor blades are used to cut stuff too delicate or small for the knife.

Firecrackers can be used as a great attention getter. In an emergence go to the highest point you can find and light one off there. This is best done when there are other people or planes and helicopters in the area

Use flint as your last resort to start a fire or light a firecracker.If you have a zippo it would be easier to get a spark.

In addition to the tape keep band-aids, and alcohol wipes. You might also want to bring some basic medicines.


I used some strong string that I would be able to use for lashing branches together to make a shelter.

Now we are going to add the compass, Use the smallest one you can find. Also know how to find your way around using trees, the sun, and stars.

The plastic bag can be used to collect water, I have another post on how to use a plastic bag to collect water from plants. 

Matches are your second back up fire source. Wood ones are best Coat them in wax to water proof them.

These next few items you can carry on your person

My leathermanis a life saver. The most important part it has for survival is it’s saw. It also has scissors, screw drivers, bottle opener, knife, file, pliers, wire cutter, and a ruler.

A sturdy locking knife is another important tool. You want to be sure it locks, because if it doesn’t it could close on your fingers. You can use it for cutting, hunting, and making certain tools and types of shelter.

In order to start a fire you will need a lighter. I chose a zippo because even if the fuel runs out I can still use the flint. It is not as waterproof as a gas lighter, but if kept in a bag it should be fine.

Make sure you haver a phone, but don’t depend on this! Its battery could die, and you probably will have a hard time getting a signal. It is good to carry it, but don’t depend on it! It will not save you!

My list is pretty good, but you might also want to have:
Magnifying glass: Start fires, surgery (you can make one for fires using ice in the winter)
Alcohol wipes: I would have put them in, but I couldn’t find them
Fire steel: It is extremely hard to start a fire with a tiny piece of flint. These work much better
Fishing hooks: Good if you are somewhere with lakes and streams, not useful for me anymore :'(
Whistle: Unfortunatley the firecracker only works one time. This can be reused infinitely.

Thats it. Simple and small


If you would add anything different let us know in the comments below


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