Pocket Knives for Survival Situations

By on December 30, 2013

Strong and reliable knives are important for your survival situation. You want to know about its effectiveness and features before buying it. The survival knife is the necessary tool you can use at the time of wilderness adventure than a pocket knife. You can develop a knife availing bone or stone materials, but it does not give the strength, versatility and usefulness like a forged steel blade. But the survival knife contains that power to offer great features. The issue is that not all knives is made to do well in usual survival circumstances. Prior obtaining one, you want to know valuable features prior scooping up the one that you are in interested.

Understand the Properties:

Know the properties that create a best survival knife hence you will get the one that is highly suitable for your requirements and demands. Narrow tang may be good for kitchen work, but you can get with a narrow tang structure will not survive the rigors of activity such as pounding its blade down to cut small logs or chopping wood. Folding knives includes multi tools, it is not right choice in survival, the reason is it is not strong to do outdoor cutting. Huge knives are also not suitable in a survival situation. Hollow handed knives do not have good grip, not fit for outdoor functions. It easily brakes when performing heavy task.

Things to look for:

There are certain things have to be looked. Full tang is the one that defines the actual strength of the knives .The handle of the knives is wrapped with certain material for offering good comfort while using it. Fixed blade folding knives are made for survival situations on these days in the market. You can do different functions with efficiency. The quality of the steel influences the blades full strength and toughness and simplicity in whetting. Most of the knives are classified into stainless steel and carbon, with the stainless steel regarded greatly rust resistant. These knives are highly brittle when compared to the carbon steel and can be hard to sharpen. If you are interested to purchase sharp knife, choose carbon steel. It is also hard when used for splitting and chopping. Here is an excellent article on other things to look for in a survival pocket knife: http://www.knifeden.com/best-pocket-knife/

Shape of the Blade:

You need to maintain it on regular basis, if not it will succumb to rust. These variations fast disappear even though if you look for costly and best quality knives. The shape of the blade determines the personality of the blade. A chef’s knives are made to create it good match for dicing garlic and slicing tomatoes. But this is not suitable for outdoor activities. The similar can be considered with the tanto style knife that is made like a fighting weapon. It is suitable for thrusting and stabbing, but helpless at the time of survival conditions.

Best Options:

You should look for clip and drop edge blade style because these are highly suitable in survival situations. The blade tip is made by making a concave curve top slightly. The sharp side of the blade must begin from the base to its edge. What is highly essential in obtaining your hands on survival knife that fulfills your needs.

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  2. JAS

    December 31, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Good article. I would like to hear from other readers as to what they have found for a good reliable folding knife. I have been trying to replace my older (too small) knife and have yet to find anything that I am willing to invest in. It seems every knife out there has several negative comments about them failing. I am looking for a drop point tactical folder close to four inch blade without serrations. So what have you found?

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