Paracord Survival Key Fob

By on July 9, 2013


Here I will show you how to make an easy paracord key fob. When unraveled, you get 4 feet of paracord that has been tested to hold 450 lb.

Materials Needed


Paracord (about 3.5 feet)
About 5 minutes


Step 2: Attaching to the keyring

To attach to the keyring:

  1. Fold the paracord piece in half
  2. Pull the folded paracord through the keyring
  3. Bring the bottom pieces up around the keyring and through the loop at the top
  4. Tighten

1 2

Step 3: Weaving the fob

The best way to explain it is through the pictures

31 41 3  45  6

Step 4: Finishing

Continue weaving until you have squeezed in as many knots as possible in front of the keyring. Make sure the last knot is tight and then cut the excess cord off and melt it down to prevent unraveling.

7 8

Step 5: Go use it!

Attach it to your keys! Now when you reach in your pocket to get your keys you can just grab the fob! And if you get into an emergency situation, you can unravel this for 4 feet of extra-strong paracord!

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