One Cent Arrowhead

By on September 20, 2013

Step 1: Materials

you will need
1 Hammer
1 Set of scissor-like incredibly strong  cutting device. (must be able to cut a penny)
1 Penny
Vice (semi-optional, you can probably get it to work without, but it makes life easier)
flat head screw driver

Step 2: Making the arrow head


use the hammer to flatten the penny as thin as possible without tearing the metal
besides making it sharper it work hardens the metal, making it stronger.
cut the penny into a sharp wedge shape, about 30 degrees.


Step 3: Making the arrowhead part 2


Cut of the round bottom of the arrowhead.

Step 4: Making the notches for attachment


Using the Flathead like a chisel, make to notches on either side of the arrowhead to wrap string through for the attachment to the shaft

Step 5: Sharpening


Using the whet stone sharpen the edges at about a 27 degree angle. pay special attention to the tip. 
now your ready to attach the arrowhead.

by Rockser11


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