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“What’s an ‘EDC’?” you may ask.
EDC stands for E very D ay C arry, and hence the name, it’s the stuff that you carry every day to be prepared for what life throws at you.

“But why do I need an EDC?
An EDC kit just makes life easier, whether it’s day to day chores or having to sleep rough in a field, EDC makes it possible, or at least a whole lot easier.

Now come on! This EDC isn’t going to make itself


Step 1: The parts


The things you’ll need to make your EDC are very flexible…Experiment!!
But I recommend starting out with these things then expanding from here to suit your needs/pocket size.
(* denotes optional but recommended)

Option #1, (based around Doug Ritter’s Pocket Survival Pack.)

  • 1x Pocket Survival Pack,
  • 1x box of Swan Vesta matches (or equivalent strike anywhere),
  • 1x small AAA torch (flashlight to all you people in america) or small keychain light,
  • 1x small Ziploc bag like these,
  • 1x roll of zinc oxide tape to wrap around a toothpick,
  • some medium sized safety pins,
  • rubber bands,
  • Nurofen (ibuprofen), remember to cut it down (see image above),*
  • Micropur water purification tablets (or equivilent), you only need two*
  • a good quality knife, I like spyderco but any brand will do.
  • some good thing nylon cord (but 550 paracord will work)*

Option #2, (not based around Doug Ritter’s Pocket Survival Pack.)
Same as above but include:

  • 1x small roll of Duck duct tape (wrap it round a cut down Bic pen),
  • 1x small roll of string,
  • 1x Tinder Quick and Strike-lite kit
  • 2x large safety pins,
  • 1x loud whistle, preferably a Fox 40 Micro or a ACR Res-q.

Note: this is just a guideline kit list, you can add more if you want, but remember this is to carry everyday so don’t put too much in!

Step 2: Light


Arguably the second most important item in your EDC so don’t be afraid to spend some cash here.
Whatever you choose make sure it’s small enough to fit in a pocket and bright enough for what you need it for, also don’t forget battery life.

For me a Fenix E05 is perfect as because i’m a geocacher throw isn’t that important but it’s wide angle lens really is useful for illuminating open spaces when searching for a cache at night. I highly recommend this little light.

For some though, the E05 is a little big, if you are one of these people I recommend one of the Photon lights especially the Photon Freedom.

Step 3: Knives


Whatever else you have in your EDC make sure you carry a good knife.
Whatever knife you get make sure it’s;

  1. legal in your area, if your unsure take a look at this wikipedia article, link,
  2. of good quality, cheap knives are too unreliable to be useful,
  3. sharp, blunt knives are more dangerous than sharp knives.

For me a Spyderco Ladybug Salt fits my needs perfectly, it’s small, light, can’t rust, razor sharp and a reasonable price.
I also recommend either a Leatherman Micra or a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Jelly Classic.

Step 4: Whistle


Many people underestimate the usefulness of a good whistle, don’t be one of them!
A whistle is one of the most important pieces of signaling equipment you can carry.
Apart from being a great tool in an emergency, it can also be used for general signaling.

It doesn’t really matter what whistle you choose but as allways i’ll give my recommendations.
Either a Fox 40 Micro or it’s older brother, the Fox 40 are your best option but an ACR Res-q is nearly as good.

Step 5: All together now


There isn’t a wrong way to do this, but here’s how I put mine together, if you are having trouble fiting everything in, look at the pictures on this step.
( * denotes optional step)

  1. Roll some zinc oxide tap around a cut down toothpick to make it smaller (see picture on step 1)
  2. Put the duct tape, string, safety pins, Tinder Quick tabs and Strike-lite in the Ziploc bag followed by the Micropur, Nurofen and zinc oxide tape.
  3. Slot in half a dozen matches and seal up the bag.
  4. Wrap the rubber bands around the Ziploc bag, this makes the bag more grippy and means you allways have one to hand.
  5. Using the nylon cord form a loop with the torch and the whistle threaded on. Also a separate loop attached to the knife will make it harder to loose and easier to get out of your pocket.*
  6. This is the most important step Get outside and enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge you’ll allways be prepared!

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