Kit Badger – (KBAT) Kit Badger Anatomy Targets

By on July 8, 2018

We recently got the chance to work with the guys over at Kit Badger and get a chance to check out their new KBAT targets. Ivan states on his website

“I’ve long been displeased with most commercially available targets.  Many of the targets out there are not anatomically correct.  This I feel is a disservice to people training to use their firearms in life or death situations.  Be they military, law enforcement or responsible citizens.  By not having properly proportioned targets, we fail to reinforce good shot placement and holdovers for our weapon systems.”

The KBAT target which stands for (Kit Badger Anatomy Target), is a pair of targets that can be used together to create a representation of all of the vital human anatomy or separately as a head and chest target depending on the shooter’s needs. The KBATs can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper on your printer at home. They can then be applied to any backer, or you can cut your own and trim it to the bold target lines.

Reinforce good skills on your next trip to the range with the KBATs (Kit Badger Anatomy Target)s.

You can go Here to Buy the KBAT Pads.

If you would like to print them at home you can download them here

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