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By on July 5, 2013


Modify your keys to fit in a leatherman. You can fit up to six keys in one mini multi-tool. Below is a list of the materials needed.




Keys – (be sure to make copies of them first)
Something to cut the keys with – (I used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel)


Start by unscrewing and Disassembling the tool. Make sure you save all of the little parts and washers. 

step 2


Choose a template piece using one of the pieces previously used in the tool

step 3


Cut down your keys to roughly match the end of the piece you picked in the previous step.



Place each key one at a time inside the tool in the direction you will be placing it and mark the hole with a fine point marker through the hole in the tool. 



Re-assemble the tool substituting the keys for the tools. Be careful of three things. 1) Be sure you put a washer in between any metal-on-metal contact. 2) Make sure you place the keyring attachment piece somewhere where it will not interfere with a key. 3) Most importantly, remember to leave a gap in the middle of each side for the pliers/cutters to fit into when you collapse the tool. 



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