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Is Ferguson Going To Rip The Nation Apart?

By on November 26, 2014


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Late last night (November 24th) the Grand Jury decided not to  indict Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown. What started out as a shooting of one of America’s youth has turned into a racial free for all. As far as any of the race baiters are concerned is that Wilson is guilty no matter what the evidence shows and it is because he is white and he shot an african american.

A map leaked by some of these organizations shows targets that are planned to be attacked during different demonstrations. On this map it included businesses such as Boeing, Ritz Carlton Hotel, and landmarks like Ferguson City Hall.  Al Sharpton has organized demonstrations in 25 cities with large Afro-American populations. While there may be a few cases of peacefully protest it seems as if it is a front for riots (as we saw last night).

One of Ferguson’s police officers posted on Facebook says saying that there is no way the police could protect all of those people and that the people should be prepared to defend themselves. If things get to a point where Obama needs to declare Martial Law he is able to the laws have already been created. Check out the great article below that provided some great info about different events that could happen from the mess that is happening in Ferguson and how it could effect the nation.

Is Ferguson Going To Rip The Nation Apart?

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