Iain Sinclair Credit Card Knife

By on March 24, 2014

The Cardsharp 2 is a survival knife created using ultra thin materials. The knife itself looks similar to a credit card and it is so thin and lightweight it can be kept inside a wallet or pocket for easy use. The folding knife is a one of a kind design that has been improved upon since the original Cardsharp was released several years ago.

The Cardsharp 2 credit card knife was created under the supervision of master inventor and designer Iain Sinclair. The Cardsharp is one is many different credit card knife designs and is a member of a family of devices which are miniature and functional. Other items in the Sinclair catalogue include digital cameras, flashlights and more which are all easily concealed and only the size of a typical credit card.

When it comes down to specifications, The Cardsharp2 is a very impressive knife. It features a 2.2 mm with easy gripping handle. You gain a perfect precision blade for any cutting task or survival need, as well as a comfortable folding handle, which makes this a great tool to use at any time. The design is also extremely lightweight. Every credit card knife is designed to be comfortable for use and easy to conceal or take with you in a wallet or bag. The total weight for the credit card knife is a staggering 13 grams. When we compare this to some of the other leading pocket knives in this market, there is no room for competition, with its lightest alternative weighing in at 23 grams. The lightweight nature of this knife means that you won’t even notice you are carrying it and you can use it with comfort for as long as you require.

Safety is also heavily considered with the Cardsharp 2. Every model comes with a blade protector hilt so that the entire knife can be folded up without issue and stored without any potential injury. The hilt is very easy to use and simply allows the blade to fold inward, completely concealing the cutting surface and blocking it in so the entire knife is safe to handle and store.

The blade thickness and weight is impressive, but so is the sharpness of the blade as well. Every Cardsharp 2 knife is created with surgical precision to create long lasting sharpness that you might find from top quality surgical tools. Each knife is crafted under intense quality control specifications to ensure that it remains sharp for survival situations.

If you are looking for the ultimate convenient survival knife, consider the Cardsharp 2 from Iain Sinclair today. The Cardsharp 2 is available from www.walletsurvival.com

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