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How To Make Vodka

By on March 29, 2015


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Vodka along with other alcoholic beverages are going to have barter value during a SHTF situation. You are going to be able to trade these items. You should learn now how to make them and keep that info stored that way if you need to make it in the future you can. If you want to prepare vodka yourself then you have to read this article fully and it will teach you how to make your own Vodka.

Ingredients are : wheat, rye and corn or potatoes. In fact you can also add some sugar.
Make sure that your ingredients are sufficient. You can use potatoes mash or corn mash. Then get ready for fermenting your ingredients. After fermenting you should get ready for distilling this alcoholic water which you have as results of distilling. After that you have to check the alcohol content.

Check out step by step instructions below to make your own Vodka

How To Make Vodka

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