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How to Make a Storm Glass To Predict the Weather

By on December 1, 2014
Image Credit http://www.thegreenhead.com/

Image Credit www.thegreenhead.com

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The storm glass is an old but pretty neat way of predicting the weather. It was invented in the mid 1700’s. The appearance of the liquid inside of the glass predicts what the weather will be like. The storm glass is made up of some common home ingredients while other ingredients may be harder to find. It’s popularity grew when Admiral FitzRoy  used the storm glass on his voyage with Charles Darwin.


Vodka, 100 Proof – 300 mL
Camphor – 28g (1oz)
Potassium Nitrate – 10g
Ammonium Chloride – 10g

If you would like step by step instructions on how to make your own storm glass check out the article below.

How to Make a Storm Glass To Predict the Weather

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