How To Choose The Right Gun Safe

By on March 10, 2014


Hello, my name is CJ Smith and I currently run a website that is dedicated to gun safes and reviews. Below is a bit of information I would like to pass on to all of you when you choose to purchase a gun safe (and I suggest anyone with a gun to purchase storage for it to be safe).

There are hundreds and hundreds of gun safes that are out on the market today and they range from tens of dollars up to over ten thousand dollars. So, how do you choose which gun safe you should buy? Well, every safe is different and is suitable for specific gun owners and I’ll break down how to choose the best gun safe for you.

Gun Safe Security Features

Obviously, the most important aspect of a gun safe is the security of a gun safe and there are several components that will affect the overall security of the safe which you may or may not know about.

  • Locking Bolts – These are integral to the safe as far as the structural integrity of the safe door is concerned. Locking bolts are located along the interior of the safe door and these are what lock the door tightly to the safe. You can purchase safes with anywhere from 4 thick steel locking bolts up to over 20. Typically the larger the safe, the more locking bolts will be included (the larger the door, the more that will be needed).
  • Anti-pry Tabs – These are located on the top and bottom of many gun safes and effectively increase the overall security of a gun safe. The purpose is to add extra resistance to pry attempts by reducing the ability of inserting a pry bar deeply into the crevices between the door safe and safe body itself. They’re typically located near the corners where there is less overall surface area which makes it somewhat easier to pry.
  • Relocker – Relockers primary purpose are to add an extra layer of security if a thief attempts to drill the lock. They work by essentially triggering the locking bolts (discussed above) into the locked position permanently in an attempted disabling of the safes locking system. Read more about Relockers here.
  • Fire Protection – While Fire Protection isn’t directly related to the overall security of the safe as far as burglary attempts go, it is related to the security of the safe structure. You have several options of Fire Protection from 30 minutes up to several hours. This is suggested if you have several high priced rifles as well as a larger collection. According to the US Fire Administration and FEMA, there are over 350,000 residential fires per year on average resulting in several billion dollars of losses. Because of that, it’s important to have a secure way to confidently store your valuables. If you are not worried about the total loss of your collection, there are cheaper gun cabinets available on the market as well.

Gun Safe Versatility Features

I would suggest keeping the overall versatility in mind when you decide to purchase a safe because if you’re investing several hundred or several thousands of dollars, it’s best to get the most out of your investment.

  • Shelving Systems – Many major brands such as Browning come with adjustable shelving systems on their mid to high end gun safes. This allows significant control over how you set up the interior of the safe. The reason this comes in handy is that if you only have a few guns, you can set up the shelving to give you more overall storage for other items such as document storage, or valuables. But as your collection grows, you can change the interior setup to allow more gun storage instead of needing to purchase a new safe.
  • Door Organizers – These are GREAT additions to a gun safe because they offer several additional options for how to store your items for a fairly cheap price. For less than a hundred dollars or up to a couple hundred, you’re able to get extra storage for ammo, handguns, and even additional long guns. So instead of needing to invest another $600 for a smaller gun safe, you can get that same storage space by adding a door organizer.
  • Documents/Valuables – Gun safes don’t need to be used only for guns, and often this is a good way to convince your significant other that the investment is worth the money. There are various additional containers that you can buy to put into the safe such as fireproof document boxes and smaller storage devices for items such as jewelry or smaller collectibles.

These are only some of the components of a gun safe that should factor into your decision on which one to purchase, but in my opinion, they are some of the most important. A safe is an investment and sometimes a very significant monetary investment which should take a great deal of thought. Make sure that you carefully read any reviews on gun safes carefully to pick up on the key points made above and base your decision on which combination is best for your current AND future needs.

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