How To Catch Fish In A Survival Situation

By on April 23, 2017

Getting lost in the wilderness can be a nightmare. If you do find yourself in a survival situation, one of your first priorities should be to find food. If you are close to water, fish can be a relatively reliable food source. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have fishing gear with you, you may be able to improvise. It is usually a good idea to familiarize yourself with a variety of different fishing techniques so that you can draw on your experience if you do ever get lost. Try practicing the following fishing methods in your local area after obtaining the necessary licenses.

1. Grab The Fish

Although this method of fishing doesn’t require any equipment, it can be quite difficult. The process usually involves reaching under the bank where the fish is hiding and grabbing it with your hands. There are a variety of different names for this type of fishing including noodling, fish tickling, and graveling. It takes quite a bit of courage to reach into the water to try to grab the fish. If you can master this technique, however, it can save you in a survival situation.

2. Hanging Nets

Fishing with a gill net can be an effective way to catch fish when they are migrating. All that you have to do is hang a net vertically across the water. As the fish try to swim past the net, they wind up getting caught in it. According to Bullfrog Marina, this is the most effective way of catching a fish.

3. Handheld Nets

Another option is to use a net that you can hold in your hand to physically scoop the fish out of the water. This takes quick reflexes since fish are incredibly fast.

4. Spear Fishing

One of the oldest ways of fishing is by using spears. If you are lost in the wilderness, you can sharpen a stick and try to use it to stab fish in the water. It takes incredible accuracy and speed to be able to hit a moving fish under the water. As long as you account for the refraction caused by the water, however, you should eventually be able to hit a fish.

5. Poisoning

This fishing technique should only be used in true life-or-death situations. You may be able to crush up certain types of plants in place them in the water to temporarily stun the fish or to kill them outright. This method works best in areas where fish are gathered in a small pool of water.

6. Hook Fishing

If you have a hook and some fishing line, you can use it to catch fish. All that you have to do is put bait on the hook and throw it into the water. When you get a bite, simply pull the line in by hand.

7. Gorge Hooks

Throughout the years, gorge hooks have been used to catch fish. Unlike traditional curved hooks with barbs on them, these hooks are created using a straight piece of bone or a sharpened stick. The fish winds up swallowing the entire hook along with the bait. When you pull on the line, the hook straightens out inside the fish and gets stuck in its soft tissue, allowing you to pull it in.

8. Striking The Fish

Although this method of fishing isn’t exactly pretty, it can get the job done. In essence, all that you have to do is strike a fish with a heavy stick or a metal rod as it approaches the surface of the water.

9. Basket Trapping

The basic premise behind a basket trap is that you build a funnel-shaped device that has an opening on the smaller end. You then position it in the water so that the fish will swim into it. You can build a trap using slats of wood. Alternatively, you can also improvise by using items such as a water bottle with the top portion cut off. Just be sure to build a trap that is sized appropriately for whatever type of fish you are trying to catch.

10. Weir Fishing

A fish weir is a wall or fence-like structure that is used to direct fish into the trap that you have set. These structures are an effective way to get fish to go wherever you want them to in the water and can be used in conjunction with a variety of other fishing methods.

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