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How To Build An Emergency Gas Mask

By on January 3, 2015


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Gas masks are a must have item to add to your prepper stockpile. A gas mask can be the deciding factor in a life or death siutation. Epsically if you are confronted in a riot or other situtiations where tear gas or anything else that can be harmful to you. Having a gas mask ready, or knowing how to DIY one is cruical for long term survival in a SHTF scenario. In this day and age, you can buy commcerical grade gas masks just about anywhere online, hardware stores .etc. You can also buy military grade gas masks online or at surplus stores. While they are excellent options they come with a hefty price tag. Making your own gas mask is another great option and it will save you some money.

Check out the video below by Zombease on step by step instructions to make a DIY soda bottle gas mask.

How To Build An Emergency Gas Mask

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Warning: A homemade gas mask should be Plan B because it can never compete (efficiency wise) with a military grade mask that features special filters, fibers, vents and valves and what not.

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