Guncoin – Cryptocurrency for the Firearms Industry

By on May 2, 2018

Recently we have seen large banks turn their backs on supporters of the 2nd Amendment. Bank of America announced that it would “no longer finance companies that make the kinds of combat-style semiautomatic rifles that have been used to such deadly effect in mass shootings.”

Citigroup Inc. announced that it would “prohibit clients using its financial services and credit cards from selling firearms to customers who have not passed a background check, or who are younger than 21”, even when neither of those things are required by law. It also now refuses to do business with clients who sell bump stocks.

With more change imminent, a lot of firearm companies are going to be left with the problem of not being able to accept payments.

That is where Guncoin comes into play. Earlier this year, we saw massive news coverage as Bitcoin hit an all-time high of 20,000 dollars. Guncoin is cryptocurrency, something similar to Bitcoin but aims to make gun sales and transactions easier.

In the United States it is tough, and become tougher to find a payment processor for firearm dealers since they fall under the ATF. ATF is the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau which rates you as a high-risk vendor. Finding a third party for processing the payment comes with very high fees, Guncoin removes the need for a third party.

What is Guncoin?

Guncoin wants to change the way the current market by providing it a safe, fast and stable network for carrying out transactions. They want to propel the firearm industry into the crypto world.

With the introduction of Guncoin, dealers now have a 2A Friendly way to process payments. Until now, there were only few payment processors to execute any firearm transactions. Gun Dealers have almost no choice and have to choose from limited options. Guncoin is motivating more retailers to be part of the market.

Guncoin transactions are easy, within a matter of minutes the payments can initiate from one and received at the other. It’s a hassle-free process without any involvement of a third party.

Guncoin aims at alleviating the barriers that are currently present in buying and selling firearms. The developers of Guncoin hope to see it getting acceptance from all the firearms related businesses.

Reach out to your local Gun Stores, Gun Shows, Gun Ranges and tell them to support Guncoin.

You can buy Guncoin on this Exchange the symbol is (GUN):

Where to find out more information?

Guncoin’s Website:

Guncoin’s Offical Twitter:

Guncoin’s Bitcoin Talk Thread:

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