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By on February 11, 2015

There are lots of different types of fishing and a variety of ways in which to categorise those types. In some cases the fishing style is determined by the type of fish being caught, such as in the case of shrimping. In other cases, location determines the fishing type, which can be classed as either salt water or freshwater. In still other cases the purpose of the fishing can bring its own classification, which can be commercial, recreational or sporting. The equipment which is used can also denote a type of fishing, such as nets, hand-held rods, spears and more. For most recreational anglers, there are three main categories of fishing – freshwater fishing, sea angling and fly fishing. Here Gary’s Tackle Box explains the differences between these three fishing types and offers information on what type of fish are likely to be caught with each one. You can connect with Gary’s Tackle Box online to find out more about all types of fishing.

Freshwater fishing takes place in rivers, lakes, ponds and man-made inland designated fishing areas rather than the open seas. As one of the easiest and safest ways in which to fish, this is a good option for taking along children or beginners. Most freshwater anglers will fish from the shore or from a boat. Popular freshwater catches include trout (brown and rainbow), river bream, sunfish, largemouth bass and perch.

Sea angling takes place in the ocean and is a very popular choice as there are so many varieties of fish and locations to discover. A lot of sea anglers take a trip out on a boat, either their own fishing boat or through booking onto a dedicated pleasure fishing boat for a day trip. However, salt water fishing can also be done from the end of a pier or from rocks or estuaries where there is no boat available. There are literally thousands of types of saltwater fish and what you are likely to catch depends on where you fish, but common varieties include flounder, grouper, mackerel and seabass.

Fly fishing uses artificial flies rather than actual bait to fool the fish and usually takes place in rivers. Fly fishers often wade out into the middle of the stream wearing waders to get a better catch. Pike, salmon, trout, carp and bass can all be caught in this way. Find out more here

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