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By on January 20, 2018

Most survivalists are masters of surviving in the woods. But when the SHTF, they will seek you out for help. There is a set of survival skills that most people overlook… this is even true for many seasoned survivalists.

Most survival blogs and videos teach you how to survive out in nature… away from other people. One thing that every zombie movie gets right is identifying where the real threat is.

The real danger is in the cities.

This is where tens of thousands of people will panic, riot, and loot. The cities are where food and supplies will run out first. To survive in this type of situation will require a different skill-set than knowing how to start a fire or make a water filter.

The “experts” will turn to your for advice after you learn the urban survival skills that most overlook.

There aren’t a lot of resources to teach these skills, which is why people will look to you for help. You will be the asset that everyone needs. You can either share this knowledge out of the kindness of your hear. Or you can share your knowledge as a bartering chip.

At the end of this article is a link for a FREE Urban Survival Course.

This course has helped many people gain the skills to survive in a city when disaster strikes.  

What kinds of skills are unique for Urban Survival?

First, you need the tools to properly assess the situation and how bad it can actually get. The worst thing to do is follow the masses. There is a proper way to analyze your surroundings and make the best decision on whether to bug-in or bug-out.

Many people will be in panic mode, but after taking this course you will have the confidence that you can handle any situation. There is also a proper way to plan your routes and cache placement. You’ll be surprised how many people get this wrong.

So when the masses panic and wait for the government to step in, your family will be safe.

The people who thought they were prepared will wonder where they went wrong. This will be the time for you to step up and share your knowledge.

The Urban Survival Course has 12 modules in all. It covers essential skills like navigation, bugging-in vs bugging-out, protection from the masses, the right way to set-up caches, and much more. There’s even section that covers keeping your pets safe.

Today you can access the Urban Survival Course for Free. This course offers survival knowledge for people of all skill levels.

It’s self-paced so you can learn as fast or slow as you want.

This is a limited release… and should be sold. But until then, this is a rare opportunity to get access to some top-notch training.

Click the link below to get instant access to the Urban Survival Course.

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