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Fire Tornadoes: One More Way Earth Is Trying To Kill You

By on May 7, 2014


As if tornados were not bad enough, here is an event that may be hard preparing for. A fire tornado or fire whirls are not associated with thunderstorms and are not as strong as traditional tornados. These tornados are not considered rare but typically happen around wildfires. They are also pretty dangerous in 1923 japan got hit with a 8.2 earthquake. Causing a 40 foot  tsunami and with the high winds created a fire whirl that claimed the lives of 44,000 people. Shawn Reynolds, who works for The Weather Channel, shared a picture on Twitter that had been submitted over the weekend and that is the image you are seeing above. Check out more info on fire tornados below.

Fire Tornadoes: One More Way Earth Is Trying To Kill You Read


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