Family of 6 Move Into an Underground Bunker

By on April 26, 2018

Worried about the Zombie Apocolypse? This family of 6 will be making dinner and watching tv when the Apocolypse comes in their 10,000 sqft underground bunker.

According to their YouTube channel, they are moving in next month and for now, just getting ready for the move.

Some of the features of their bunker include:

10,000 square feet of usable space
3-4 feet of earth over top
2 ft of reinforced concrete walls and roof
16 ft high ceilings
2000 lbs blast doors
EMP Shielded
10,000-gallon water tank
Water Filtration System
Full-size kitchen and appliances
4 bedrooms
And with 10,000 sqft, plenty of space to grow.

The cool thing is they document the entire process on YouTube. They haven’t moved in yet but started making videos now.

Check it out:

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