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By on November 23, 2014

ExtendedGun.com is veteran owned company offering several new services to the shooting community. Primarily we offer shooting training and instruction via daily programs and videos on our website. The training also offers the use of Ubersense to allow students to send in videos to our staff and receive expert feedback on their shooting. The training programs guide new students through an initial series of tests to measure their aptitude in combat shooting with the rifle and the pistol. Students are then run through drills and other exercises to increase their skill and ability.

(Ubersense Demo Video) http://vimeo.com/109394332

Our site provides shooters the unique ability to measure and track their personal shooting progress using an online application. The Logbook app allows users to enter scores and times for any drill they do at the range. This allows users to track current progress and measure improvement in skill over time. Shooters who enter their data can also see how their scores rank against other users.

Realistic training starts with a realistic target. We custom designed a combat shooting target called the “Skeletarget” that is anatomically correct while teaching shooters to make lethal shots. The Skeletarget is versatile and easily used for competition shooting or drill shooting where scoring is important. The Skeletarget allows shooters to do all of their favorite drills while reinforcing proper shot placement for human targets. These targets are available in our online store.

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