Elderberries for Your Survival

By on December 12, 2014

Elderberry On Wooden Table

Surviving in the woods alone is hard. That is why it is important to understand all the ways that can help you make it through those tough days ahead.

When you are out in the wilderness, the last thing you believe to be possible is catching the flu. It’s the last thing on your mind, and you probably thinking that you have a strong immune system. Although you probably do have a strong immune system, catching the flu is possible when out in the woods. With cold nights and early mornings, getting sick is very well possible and very likely to happen.

Elderberries are just the cure for anyone that has the flu or the symptoms of the flu. Elderberries are found in the sunnier parts of the land and are often found on the surrounding bushes of the field.

Elderberries are one of those small things that could save your life. Also known as elder or Sambucus, Elderberries are a type a flowering that is most commonly found int he subtropical climates of the Norther Hemisphere. The berries themselves have been the main focus of satiety, health and nutritional value for decades. Being used as not only a source of good but for its medical use as well.

Ongoing medical research is continually uncovering the many health benefits of elderberries and elderberry products. Proving that Elderberries are strongly suggested when it comes to survival beyond the city walls. Here are a few medical uses of elderberries that have arisen. They are;

1. Treatment of the flu and mitigation of symptoms

The most positive research results have been in connection with the plantís effectiveness in treating influenza. Juice from the elderberries is incorporated into a syrup that is then taken to lessen the symptoms of the flu and cut down on its intensity and duration.

An alternative to the syrup is an extract of black elderberry known as Sambucol. One highly promising study on the use of Sambucol had 93 percent of the participants fully free of symptoms within 48 hours of taking the extract.

Elderberries in general are especially effective in dealing with chest pains, fever, and sinuses. This is attributed to the anti-inflammatory effect of the antioxidants in the berries. For instance, the swelling that causes congestion during the flu is caused by inflammation. It can be effectively combated by using elderberry products.

Flavonoids, types of antioxidants also found in elderberry, on the other hand, stimulate the immune system to more aggressively fight the flu.

Despite this great benefit of elderberries, doctors warn that it should never be used as a substitute for prescription Medicine for flu. It is best used when the first signs of the flu set in but if your health worsens, see a doctor immediately.

2. Treatment of arthritis

One major uniting factor in all types of arthritis is inflammation. As mentioned in the previous entry, elderberries are full of antioxidants that are naturally anti-inflammatory in nature. The berries can be very helpful in alleviating inflammation in the joints, associated swelling and pain.

3. As a natural antiviral

Viruses have proven to be a true challenge to modern medicine. Most are yet to be conquered, and those that are have shown a great capacity for adaptation. But elderberry has a special component that makes it a highly effective natural antiviral agent.

You see, viruses enter cells and take control of it thus wreaking havoc all over the body. A specific substance in elderberry, antiviral, counters these viruses and prevent them from entering body cells. Specifically, they target certain spikes on viruses that enable them to penetrate cells. By disabling these spikes, the viruses are rendered useless.

4. Improved immune response

Vitamins E and C have for long been known as the best ways to boost the immune system. But recent scientific research is shedding new light on just how potent elderberries are. For one, the level of antioxidants in elderberry is higher than in vitamins E and C.

Elderberries also contain anthocyanins that have been shown through research to trigger an increase in the amount of Immune cytokines produced in the body. Immune cytokines are important chemical messengers that coordinate and increase the effectiveness of the immune response. This helps the body to protect itself better against diseases. This is also one of the reasons why elderberry is good at fighting the flu.

5. Cancer treatment and prevention

Among the many natural cancer treatments that have gained attention in recent years, elderberry has been one of the most popular. Radical damage in cells is a leading cause of cancer and being full of antioxidants, elderberry extracts offer bright hope for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

One other way in which elderberries combat cancer is by killing cancerous growths before they grow malignant. They do this by inhibiting the growth of blood vessels in the tumors, a process called angiogenesis. Once they lack blood vessels, tumors donít receive nutrients, and they eventually starve and die off.

Once again, this benefit comes with a very strong warning; elderberry products should not be used on their own without seeking medical treatment. Before you even buy and take any elderberry herbal products to treat or prevent cancer, ask for advice from your doctor.

6. Improved skin health

Anything that contains a sizable amount of antioxidants is good for the skin. Radical damage can cause accelerated aging, skin dulling and formation of wrinkles. Berries including elderberries are considered to be very good for the skin due to their high antioxidant content. Taking elderberries will keep your skin smooth, acne-free and young looking.

7. Other medical uses

In addition to the above medicinal uses, preliminary research has shown promise in various other medicinal applications. These include improved brain health, protection of blood vessels, promotion of healthy blood flow and proper bowel movements. Making Elderberries the perfect tool for outdoor survival.

Tips and warnings

Reports that elderberries can treat HIV/AIDS, nerve pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, swine flu and hay fever are

Unsubstantiated, and consultation with a doctor is important before using the plant for these uses. Another important thing to note is that elderberry has not been proven to be effective at helping individuals lose weight. It would be much better to exercise and eat a good weight loss diet rather than buying expensive elderberry products that claimto help in weight loss.

As for the toxicity of the plant, care should be taken not to eat the berries when they are raw. When ripe and cooked, the skin and pulp of elderberries are safe and edible. But there is a fairly low risk of getting poisoned by the uncooked fruits. Therefore, slight cooking is recommended. The twigs, leaves, roots and seeds, on the other hand, contain a much higher cyanide toxicity risk and should not be consumed. But in case of poisoning, you need not worry unless symptoms get considerably worse. The few reported cases recovered quickly without any permanent harm.

The elderberries can provide their health benefits in many forms so you neednít restrict yourself to only one type. These forms include herbal extracts, syrups, wines and the fruits themselves. You can find more information at http://sunflower-press.com/definitive-guide-elderberry

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