Doomsday Prepping – Using A Storage Unit

By on December 9, 2013

How do you use a storage unit to get in a doomsday preparedness mode? Assured Self Storage provides a couple steps to take, some things to avoid, and some precautions to take so that you can be prepared in the event of a catastrophic world event. Getting to the storage unit is only the first step in the process.

The Unit Has To Be Easy To Get To

It doesn’t matter what you believe the doomsday scenario will be, you need to make sure you can get to your storage unit easily without reliable transportation or if the roads are blocked. The closest storage facility to you, that you feel you can get to easily, is the one you need to rent at

Be Careful What You Store

The majority of storage facilities have a policy that will not allow you to leave guns and ammunition in your storage unit. You should also not leave any perishable food items or keep any flammable gasses inside your unit. These may seem like things you want to have in the case of a doomsday scenario, but the best advice is to take those things with you to the unit. Keep weapons in your home and/or get a concealed weapons permit and keep the firearms in your car. In regards to fuel, you can get a BioLite camp stove that uses wood for fuel and comes with a thermoelectric generator that will provide additional electricity.

What You Should Store

You need everything that is going to keep you alive. First, make sure you have a reliable way to lock the door of the unit as you might end up living inside the unit for quite some time. You also want to have non-perishable or canned foods inside the unit. This means that you can eat safely for as long as the food will last. Moreover, these kinds of foods can be stacked by the hundreds or thousands in a storage unit.

You also want to have sleeping items such as sleeping bags, sheets, and blankets. Anything that is going to keep you warm during the cold months is very important. You cannot anticipate how long you will be there, and you have to be prepared to hunker down for the winter.

You can also store books to read as well as matches and any other doomsday survival gear that you may need. These are all things that will essentially sit in the unit and wait for you to come use them.

How To Organize The Unit

You want to make sure that your unit is organized to accommodate as many people as you will bring with you. Don’t set up a unit for one person when you know there will be three. You also have to make sure you have a chance to barricade exterior walls or doors so that you can remain safe.

How To Choose The Right Sized Storage Unit

How Much Does A 10X10 Storage Unit Hold?

A 10X10 storage unit equates to 100 square feet of space, the size of an average bedroom. The 10X10 storage unit can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment including appliances and some small household items. So you could store about 24 prepper packs of freeze dried food that would contain three daily meals for the next six months for four adults or two adults and four children. In addition you could store a pallet of can water (144 gallons). You will still have left over room for additional supplies to stack above the food and water.

How Much Does A 10X15 Storage Unit Hold?

A 10X15 storage unit equates to 150 square feet of space, the size of a large bedroom. The 10X15 storage unit can hold the contents from a two bedroom apartment or small house. With the average length of a U.S. vehicle being 13.5 feet long, this storage unit could accommodate a mid-sized vehicle. This storage unit could be a good option to store a backup vehicle to get you to your bugout location.

How Much Does A 10X20 Storage Unit Hold?

The 10X20 storage unit equates to 200 square feet of space, the size of a large one car garage. The 10X20 storage unit can store the household contents, including all major appliances, from a three or four bedroom apartment or home. The unit is big enough to store a full sized car or truck with additional storage for prepper packs of freeze dried foods for 6-12 months and enough water for 6 months.

How Much Does A 10X30 Storage Unit Hold?

The 10X30 storage unit equates to 300 square feet of space, the size of a two car garage. The 10X30 storage unit can hold the contents of a four or five bedroom home. The unit would also be able to hold a full size car, truck or boat while providing enough space for the contents of a small home. So this unit would be for the ultimate doomsday prepper. There is enough storage space and living space for a family of four.

When prepping for a doomsday scenario, getting a storage unit and using that unit to live in the event of a disaster is a good course of action. You can keep everything you need there to stay alive, and even live in the unit if necessary.

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