Could Insects Be The Future Of Food?

By on August 30, 2016


If you are a hard-core survival fanatic, eating insects for sustenance is probably something you’ve done a few times before, or it may even be a routine no-brainer for you. Or the idea might be challenging. Irrespective of how comfortable you are about it, though, insects will no doubt become a key part of the diet for those of us living in developed countries at some point in our future. This is because nutritionally rich food is getting more and more scarce throughout the world due to the rising population, and therefore, a rising demand for resources. As such, insects – which are packed with all sorts of nutrients that are crucial for our diets – are a great food source to look into.

Not only for humans, either. Livestock can also have a great diet from insects and flies.

But, seriously, think about it. There may come a time in the future of our planet when resources become so thin that we may have to look to unexpected sources for food. I realize it may make you squirm a little bit, but here are many things about insects that may actually assure your survival one day, even if you don’t care to entertain the idea right now.

They are also environmentally friendly, as these are pests that are killed anyway to get rid of the nuisance.

Luckily for survival enthusiasts, insects are loaded with complete protein, making them a great snack to munch on when we are in need of a boost for our energy.

Sounds good, right?

The problem with introducing insects into a mainstream Western diet right now? 

Well, the fact that eating insects is absolutely repulsive to most of the population doesn’t help. Scientists studying the use of insects as food are hoping to have found some sort of “solution to the ‘yuck’ factor” by a short ten years from now, so rather than calling pest control for those cockroaches, who knows – you might be trying your first nibble of chocolate covered cockroach sooner than you think!  It is safe to say though, that livestock will not be dealing with the same emotional distress factor on that idea. They will happily chomp away on their grass-flavoured beetle stew.

All joking aside, though, eating insects is something that people would do best to get used to. Insects are already part of the diet for many people in some countries, and many cultures either relish them or are left with no alternative than to eat insects due to limited resources.

If our ancestors could survive eating the insects that existed in their day, and have long and healthy lives, so can we, right?  After all, the professionals in the business of making insects more appealing simply have to make them taste better and less crunchy, and they’ve got the problem sorted.

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