Colloidal Silver – The Natural Antibiotic

By on February 28, 2014

In today’s world Colloidal & Ionic silver should play a significant role as it even outperforms and has a broader treatment spectrum than pharmaceutical antibiotics. Most recently there have been studies showing Colloidal Silver can resolve MRSA which is becoming a real threat as well as the new strains of bugs that are eluding traditional antibiotics as they mutate. However, the acceptance of colloidal silver still on reaches the very small percentage of our population that embraces alternative health. I started studying alternative medicine 15 years ago – when I was told by the doctors – my daughter would not live until 25 – 30 and there was nothing they could do but pump her full of toxic antibiotics until her organs gave out. My daughter is now 29, fully functional and truly healthy. A major contributor to that miracle was colloidal silver. To this day she drinks 4 oz a day and more if she is feeling off.

After spending thousands and thousands of dollars on colloidal silver, I finally found a professional system that meets my ‘anal’ criteria to certify proper preparation and output. I am now producing and selling colloidal & ionic silver at less that the big guys.

I started prepping several years ago. I was privy to information at a very young age that whatever you are told via media is probably not the truth. It astounds me now how far we have come from anything making sense in our world to the countless, untold possibilities of unnatural disaster. I can get extremely depressed about that reality… what happened to ‘do unto others’?

Digressing sorry, I have stored a mass of colloidal silver for my family and figure I will use it for barter as things progress. I am now at a point to be able to sell and still continue to stock more for my own. When shtf, there won’t be doctors and pharmacies, but with colloidal silver you can heal many, many medical conditions particularly infections – God forbid a gun shot wound – plus cuts, burns, rashes, bites, etc. on to purifying water as well as utensils for eating or medicinal needs.

I do believe storing of colloidal & ionic silver in darkness will prolong shelf life. I have seen quotes from 1 to 10 years longevity and I truly do not know the answer, nor have I ever seen a study showing how determination was made. What I do know is that I have had silver several years old and it worked just fine. When you think about it, it is a natural antibiotic, natural antibacterial, natural antiviral… not sure why it wouldn’t last. 

I would like to offer fellow preppers 20% off a gallon of colloidal silver. If you go to my site: and enter the coupon code: preppers, your purchase price will reduce by 20%.

I have a lot of information on my site on uses, how to, about silver, etc.. Might be a good idea to print a few pages and keep it with your stores. I am always available at if you have any questions or special requests.

I pray to God each and every day that someday, I can donate all I have stored and that we will never need it!

Best to all… 

Dawn Longhi

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