Clear Plastic Water Bottle Purification

By on July 11, 2013


You see them everywhere. The clear plastic water bottles are often discarded improperly and not recycled as they were intended. This is bad news to for the environment but great news if you are trying to survive a zombie outbreak. No, zombies don’t prefer trash over brains but they may be camped out on your couch waiting for the walking dead to come on your television. They are very useful and have numerous applications. No matter the reason you need to bug out of your home, you will need drinkable water. There are a few ways in which you can use a clear plastic water bottle to achieve this but today we’ll go over the easiest way. This method is so effective, that it is an approved method for improving water quality by the World Health Organization. Though this method is not a cure for all water sources, it does kill 99.999% of of bacteria that may be present in water. This includes E.Coli, Cryptosporiduim, Giardia and several other critters that can cause you to lose your mind, if not more.

How to use UV sun rays to disinfect water:

Use a clear plastic bottle like a soda or water bottle, PET#1 should be stamped on the bottle, with a cap, that you have or that you have found. Hey, it’s a survival situation, never turn down discarded items if they get you through a tough spot unless they are contaminated with chemicals or pathogens. They can generally be washed off and and rinsed out. When you are done, the inside will likely be pretty clean. Find a water source such as a river, pond, creek, lake or other NON-Polluted, fresh water source. This is key, as this method isn’t known, by me, remove chemical pollution. Use a handkerchief or other fine mesh cloth to strain out any “chunks” and fill the bottle. Repeat the latter if necessary. When your clean bottle is full of water that is as clean as you can strain it, cap the bottle with a clean (as possible) cap and leave it in direct sunlight for 6-10 hours. Two days will provide a higher level of purification but if it’s a dire situation, 6 hours will help a lot. It is said that 10 hours will remove diarrhea causing Cryptosporidium. If you can leave them for two days, do that. You might want to do them in a series if you have multiple bottles to keep a supply every day. Clear, not tinted bottles work best and using smooth bottles are better than ones with ridges. Sadly this method does NOT remove pollutants. There are methods of filtering and distillation, which we will cover at another time. This is merely a quick emergency method to remove the wiggles from the water, making it safer to drink. Add more time, in the sun, if there is cloud cover and don’t use a bottle larger than 2 Liters. One liter or smaller bottles work best. If you couple this process with boiling and or distillation, you will procure a much safer level of emergency drinking water than just solar but in a pinch, it’s better than nothing.

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