Extract Clean, Drinkable Water From Plants

By on July 1, 2013


Water is important, especially if your stuck in the wilderness. In most environments there is lack of a clean water source. Here is a way to collect clean drinkable water from plants, if you ever find your self in the need.

Lets Start

What You Need:

What you need

– A plastic bag, preferably clear (check the bag beforehand to make sure it is free of holes. If not, seal them with tape.)
– String
– A plant 

The best plants are the ones with the big green leafs.

– It will take about 3-4 hours in sun to get a decent amount of water from the plant.
– After about 30-60 minutes water will begin to condense on the sides of the bag.

– You should get at least 1/3 a cup of water after 4 hours.
– Before drinking the water pour it through some fabric like a t-shirt to filter out anything that may have fallen into the water

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