Campfire Barbecue Tripod

By on October 22, 2013


I took some steel and aluminum tubes I had laying around to make a tripod. I made it foldable so next time we camp we can take it with us easily. The second picture is at the camping. A tripod I made for using as a shelf to put my camping making projects on. It was the inspiration for this one. In the background you see the old barbecue.

Step 1: The Materials


I used:

  • six tubes between 60 cm and 80 cm long. I had some aluminum ones and steel ones. Since the tubes have different diameters and fit together I easily can take them apart for traveling. The aluminum ones have pop rivets in them which functions as notches on which the upper parts rests.
  • An old barbecue grill.
  • some hanging baskets of which I used the chains to hang the grill above the pit.
  • Aluminum tape to make the tubes fit snugly together.
  • A hacksaw for making the tubes to the same length.
  • A marker for marking the lengths.

Step 2: Putting The Tubes Together

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The aluminum tubes already had holes in the top so I only had to make the holes in the steel one top tube. Through these holes the chains from the hanging baskets fitted so I fastened the tubes with a short piece of it.

Step 3: Making The The Tripod Standing Stable


Because the tubes fitted together did’t had the same length I had to use my hacksaw to make them so. Just layed them side by side and marked the lengths. Laying them on my workmate I sawed them.

Step 4: Making The Tubes Fitting Snugly

Because some of the tubes left a bit to much room for the other one sticking in I used aluminum tape to fill that space. I used this tape because off course it can become quite hot around the fire. For the biggest tube I first fitted one of the chopped of pieces over the smaller tube so that filled enough space.

Step 5: Ready To Grill!


Now i can hang the barbecue grill above my fire (or a little kettle for some coffee after diner, For this I used the chains from the hanging baskets again, chained together long enough so I can adjust the height and even click it to an existing ring on one of the poles. 

 by Dave A


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