Build Your Own AR-15: Magazine Catch Installation

By on February 1, 2015

Here is the second article in the “Build Your Own AR Series”. In this article be are going to cover how to install the Magazine Catch onto your Lower Reciver. This is a fairly simple install.

What Does A Magazine Catch Do?

A Magazine Catch properly locks in the magazine when it is insertested into the Lower Receiver. It also drops it free when your press the Magazine Release Button.

Thoughout this build on the Lower Reciver we are going to be using a MAG Tactical Systems Premium Lower Parts Kit. You don’t have to use this particular lower parts kit, any brand of the varity available would work.

Parts Needed For The Install








Lower Reciver

Magazine Catch

Magazine Catch Spring

Magazine Release Button

Tools Needed

Vise – (Not Required)

Lower Receiver Vise Block (Also Not Required)

Step by Step Assembly

Secure your Lower Receiver onto the vise block and into your vice.

Insert Magazine Catach into the port on the left side of your Lower Receiver.

Insert the Magazine Catch Spring and the Magazine Release Button into the the right side of the Lower Receiver.

Hold pressure against the Magazine Release Button while turning the Magazine Catch clockwise.

Once you feel the button grab the threads you can lot of tension on the button. Now you can use the eraser end of a pencil and push in on the button. Begin to turn the Magazine Catch.

You can stop turning when the catch is flush with the receiver.

Test the catch by inserting a empty magazine into the well and making sure the catch locks the magazine and also allows it to drop free when the release button is pressed.

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