Bug Out Bag Outdoor Survival Kit

By on December 7, 2013


The kit includes 10 essential survival items which you can take anywhere and you’ll have everything to survive what nature throws at you if you get into that situation. This is a great kit to include in your bug out bag.

Step 1: Contents


1. Emergency blanket

Used to stay warm and avoid hypothermia or build a shelter out of and collect rainwater.

2. Flint and steel

For lighting a fire in any conditions, flint will still work even when its wet.

3. Water purification tablets

For purifying water which has containments and bacteria in which would otherwise be unsafe to drink.

4. Paracord

Can be used as cordage for making shelters or rafts, the 7 inner strands can be used as snares, more cordage or for making animal traps.

5. Small compass

For reliably navigating during day or night.

6. Whistle

Used to attract attention to yourself for rescue.

7. Fuel/Tinder box

The metal box has a shiny lid for using as a signal mirror and the box can be used as a container, cooking pot or for making char-cloth. Inside the box there is a solid hexamine tablet for using as fuel, flammable bees wax and cotton wool which easily takes a spark.

8. Sewing kit

For repairing damaged clothing or kit.

9. Fishing line with hooks and weights

20ft or fishing line with a few spare hooks and weights for catching fish.

10. Knife/Multi-tool

Used to cut down building materials, for hunting and defending yourself from predators.

To find a more in-depth list of items to include in a bug out bag check this out  http://www.doomsdaynews.com/bug-out-bag-list/


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