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When you are in a survival situation you are almost guaranteed to have some kind of first aid need that will arise. Not having a well assembled first aid kit in an already chaotic situation can make everything much worse.  You want your first aid kit to be the last thing loaded into your Bug Out Bag as it needs to be easily accessible. Your first aid kit should be easy to find in your bag based off of site and feel.

Step 1: CPR pocket resuscitator

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This is a crucial item to have in your first aid kit.  a pocket resuscitator for doing CPR allows you to perform CPR on an individual and potentially save their life.

I purchased this model on eBay for around $10.  The one feature that you want to make sure that your CPR mask has is a one way valve.  Often times a person receiving CPR will vomit, this valve will keep that vomit out of your mouth. also look for a mask that comes in a nice hard case and includes gloves.


Step 2: Wound Suturing/Closure

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There is a good chance that during your survival period you or a loved one will become lacerated in some fashion that is beyond the capabilities of a bandage, for that reason I like to keep a couple of suturing options in my first aid kit.

option #1:

sterile packed suture with attached needle.  these can be found on eBay for quite cheap around $2 a piece, it is also a good idea to have a couple of sterile packed scalpels to go along with this part of the kit.

option #2:

Sterile packed skin stapler and separately packed staple remover. this can be an invaluable tool if someone is injured as it requires very little technical know how.  these can be picked up on eBay for around $15 for the set typically.


Step 3: Bandages and Gauze


This is pretty straight forward you should have a multitude of bandaging options and mine personally includes:

  1.  ACE elastic bandage with metal clips
  2.  roll of gauze
  3.  non stick gauze pads 3×4 inches
  4.  roll of medical tape
  5.  large bandages
  6.  regular bandage strips
  7.  butterfly closures


Step 4: Miscellaneous items

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Some of the other items that your first aid kit should contain are as follows:

Hand sanitizing wipes
Antibiotic ointment
Alcohol wipes
cotton swabs

Latex gloves
cotton balls

Ibuprofen pills in a small watertight bottle
antihistamine pills in a small watertight bottle
and bismuth pills also in a small watertight bottle.


Remember that your first aid kit should be tailored to your personal needs.  You should include backups up any prescription medicines that you take and be sure to pack extra contact lens solutions if you need to.

Also keep in mind that the point of a bug out bag is to keep you safe for 72 hours during a disaster, it can be easy to overpack and get carried away. You should just try to be thorough but not over-excessive, but of course this is at your own discretion of what you feel comfortable carrying.

Thanks for reading. and let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.

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