Boots – Critical Equipment for Survival

By on November 14, 2013


When it comes to survival, footwear is a critical piece of equipment and can be just as important as the shelter, hatchet, or jacket depending on the situation. A good pair of hiking boots will provide protection for your feet from the elements and from your surroundings. When selecting a pair of boots, consider the environment that you will be surviving in. Will it be an urban environment where the walking surface will primarily be concrete or asphalt? Or will it be an outdoor environment with dirt, mud, and hills? What about temperature? Will it be a hot desert environment? Or the setting where the temperature can drop in the teens at night? What about snow?

There are hundreds of quality boots on the market today made for almost any operating environment or setting. Here are a few tips on selecting the proper pair of boots from which will work best for you. Find a pair of boots that are at least 6 inches in height. What this does is provide your ankles with additional support to avoid injury and protect from debris which may be associated with your surroundings. Of course a 8 inch standard height military boot will provide the most protection, especially when traveling through difficult terrain such as high weeds and debris-ridden environments. Next, consider whether you will need waterproof protection provided with a set of Gore-Tex boots. Waterproof boots feature an integrated lining that creates a impermeable barrier from moisture and water. Will standing water be an issue such as a creek bed or the puddles? If this is the case Gore-Tex boots are a must. Next, consider the temperature you will be wearing your boots in. For hot weather, you can select a pair of unlined boots which will maximize cooling and provide the most comfort possible. Finally and most importantly, make sure your boots fit right. You should have about the fingers width of room between the front of your big toe and the inside of the boot toe. Try breaking in your boots before you store them in a survival kit. The worst possible scenario is to be in a survival situation and develop blisters because you never broke in your boots. If you follow these general tips, you should be able to select a very comfortable fitting set of boots or shoes that be the most appropriate for your setting and will maximize your chance of survival.

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