ARZombi – Thrilling AR Zombie First-person Shooter

By on April 2, 2018


Call of Duty-inspired with an 80’s twist
ARKit Horror game ARZombi launches zombie slaying with a twist – you are the survivor in your own home.

ARZombi is an interactive Horror experience where your own home becomes the center of a zombie apocalypse. More than just an augmented reality tech demo, ARZombi requires you to reinforce your doors and windows while marauding zombies (and possibly predatory groups of humans) try to break through. Protect your barricades, grab the closest weapon to you and save your home from being a zombie all you can eat buffet hotspot!

Eat Pizza (but not after midnight), drink energy drinks and slay the undead who dare to dirty up your brand new sheepskin rug!

Crank the tension up to 11, hit full throttle to 88mph and send those pesky zombies back to the dirt from whence they came. 

ARZombi is an experience like never before made by a small team of self-funded horror enthusiasts.

Spot the numerous 80’s Easter eggs and modern pop culture references littered around the game and stay tuned for our Story Mode and Multiplayer game in future updates where you and a friend can protect your home together and work as a team to kick some zombie butt! 

ARZombi is available for download now in the App Store. 


Stays tuned for more information on future developments and remember. I’ll be back!

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