America Placed On DEFCON 3 Warning

By on March 18, 2015

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The DEFCON Warning System has lowered their level to DEFCON 3. This means that our military should be getting to their readiness levels and will be able to respond within 15 minutes of any oncoming nuke, war, or other major event threatening our country. This is the first time we have been in DEFCON 3 since the 9/11 attacks.

Here are the tweets that have been posted by DEFCON Warning System


What do each of the DEFCON Warnings mean?

DEFCON 5 is normal preparedness

DEFCON 4 is a little over normal preparedness

 DEFCON 3 is preparation and response within 15 minutes of any particular event (This is where our country is at now)

DEFCON 2 (which we are not at yet) is the next step to nuclear war. 

If you would like to check out the DEFCON Warning System check out the website below

DEFCON Warning System 

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