5 Things Everyone Ought to Know About Surviving in the Wild

By on February 20, 2015

5 Things Everyone Ought to Know About Surviving in the Wild

By Dennis Diaz

Over the years I have seen and read about a lot of mistakes when it comes to survival situations. Here are a couple tips that may help if you ever find yourself misplaced in the wild.

1. You likely won’t starve

Ask a kid or even a city person the first thing they would do if they were lost in the wild, and you would probably get an answer something like this…”I would start looking for something to eat”.

The rule of threes tells us we can make it three minutes without air, three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. As you can see food is way down on the priority list.

Most people who die in the wilderness die from hypothermia or dehydration.

Get your shelter and a potable water supply in place before you even think about searching for food.

2. Survival is not an adventure

With all the survival shows plastered all over television, people get a broad spectrum of survival adventure heaped on their plates each week.

Survival is about staying alive, not entertainment. Many of the shows put their participants in dangerous situations, (sometimes by making them do stupid things) just to boost the entertainment value.

While watching a certain famous “survivalist” battle nature I am constantly telling my children, “don’t do that, it can kill you”, and then offering a much more mundane solution that will work better and keep them much safer.

3. Fire is critical

Back to the rule of threes…Fire can be considered a form of shelter since it will keep your body warm, and it will dry you out if you are wet. Another important factor of fire is that it will help purify your water.

I always try to have at least three ways to make a fire when I am out. In a true survival situation I would “cheat” and use my most sure method (road flare).

4. Staying put is usually best

If you become lost and have to survive in the wild, trying to walk out can be a mistake unless you know for sure which direction you need to go. (if that is the case you probably aren’t lost)

Almost every year we see a story about someone who became stranded in the snow and tried to walk back to civilization from their snowbound car. Several times even though the car is found the person doesn’t turn up until the next spring when the snow melts and the body is found miles away.

If you try to walk out when people are searching for you, you may wander into a zone that has already been searched. This way your chances drop considerably.

5. Your campsite is vital

If you stay put, pick campsite near your car, or if you were hiking some landmark, such as a large dead tree or a creek.

Camp up away from the creek a ways so the sound of running water doesn’t cover the sound of searcher voices calling your name.

Survival is a serious business and not something to be toyed with. People die every year by making avoidable mistakes.

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