20 Everyday Survival Uses for a Paper Clip

By on July 21, 2015


After reading about the great survival uses with paper clips, you may find yourself carrying one wherever you go.

1. Compass

A paper clip can be a great directional tool if you are lost. Simply cut part of the paper clip so you have a straight piece, rub it against steel or an iron knife to magnetize it, place it on a leaf, and place the leaf in a bowl of water.

The paper clip will point in the north-south direction.

2. Repair Zip Tabs

If the tab of your zipper breaks off, but the zipper is still functional, slip a paper clip through the tab hole and the zipper is good as new.

3. Clothing Hook

Bend a paper clip to imitate an “S” hook. You can then hang the paper clip on the top of doors or on a draw and can hand clothes, jackets, towels, or anything else you need off the floor.

4. Fish Hook

A paper clip is a great tool to use as a fishhook. You can tie it to the end of any kind of string, bait it, and the shine also functions as a lure.

5. Key Ring

You can bend a paper clip into a circle to act as a key ring and keep all of your keys and key chains organized in one place.

6. Finger/Toe Splint

An important survival use for a paper clip is using it as a splint. You can place it against a broken or jammed finer or toe and wrap it with gauze, tape, or other material you have to stabilize your finger or toe.

7. Cell Phone Stand

This is a home survival use for a paper clip and is important to many people. Straighten out a paper clip, make two bends near the center of the paper clip, about and inch down from each bend you just made, make another bend, finally, bend the ends of the paper clip just a little bit and you are ready to watch videos on your phone.

8. Reset Gadgets

It’s always an issue when you need to reset your Internet modem, your kid’s favorite toy, or any other gadget and you can’t find something small enough to press the tiny button. Fear no longer as a paper clip is perfect tool.

9. Sewing Needle

A paper clip can be a great survival tool when you need to mend clothes, gear, or a pack. All you need to do is cut a straight piece of the paper clip and flatten one end.

Put a hole through the flattened end with a sharp tool or a hand drill. Thread any string material you have through the hole and you are ready to sew.

10. Safety Pin

You can bend a paper clip for it to be used as a safety pin to pin clothes or key chains to your pack for quick access.

11. Heavy Duty Twist Tie

When a paper clip is straightened out completely, it can act as a twist tie. Twist it around cables or bags of food or things that require more durability than a normal twist tie.

12. Blow Dart Needle

In case of survival in the wilderness, a paper clip can be made into a blow dart needle. Straighten out the paper clip or cut a straight piece and sharpen one end by rubbing it on a rock or hard surface. It is now ready to be used a projectile to acquire food for survival.

13. Money Clip

A simple survival use for a paper clip is a money clip. Use it just how it comes and clip it around your bills to keep them together and organized.

14. Antenna

In a survival situation, you may be able to use a paper clip as an antenna for a radio or walkie talkie, or some other kind of contact devise to signal for help.

15. Lock Pick

For this everyday survival technique, you need two paper clips. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

16. Bag Clip

If you have a bag that has no means of resealing itself, fold the opening over and place a paper clip on the top. You can even use the paper clip as a chip clip to seal unfinished bags of chips and other foods.

17. Miniature Screw Driver

This miniature screwdriver is great for fixing glasses. Cut a straight piece of the paper clip, flatten one end and file it square and you have a small screw driving to fit tiny screws.

18. Hold Broken Buckle Together

A paper clip can be a useful survival tool when a buckle on your pack or other gear breaks. Just simply string the paper clip through both ends of the buckle and twist it together to hold in place.

19. Belt Holder

If your belt is too long and the overlap is always getting in the way, use a paper clip to simply secure it in place.

20. Paper Clip

Even though there are so many unique everyday survival uses for a paper clip, it, of course, can also simply be used for what it’s intended for.

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